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What is a CLNC®?


A CLNC® (Certified Legal Nurse Consultant) is an experienced registered nurse who has been certified through the CLNC® Certification Program, developed by the company that pioneered the legal nurse consulting field.  Visit for further information.  As a CLNC®, I am a member of the NACLNC® (National Alliance of Certified Legal Nurse Consultants), which provides me instant access to our professional network, exclusive resources and numerous member benefits.  A CLNC® is equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding of medical, nursing and health related issues to benefit it's clients. A CLNC® makes an attorney's job easier, more efficient and more effective.  

     A CLNC® Consultant's major role is as an educator who represents and speaks for the nursing profession. A CLNC® educates the attorney-client, opposing attorneys, plaintiffs and defendants, jurors, judge, other consultants and consumers.

Types of Cases Handled by a CLNC®:

  • Medical and Nursing Malpractice Cases

  • General Personal Injury Cases

  • Worker's Compensation and Workplace Injury Cases

  • Toxic Tort and Environmental Cases

  • Products Liability Cases

     --Medical device and drug-related cases

     --Non-medical device cases

  • Criminal Cases

  • Any case where health, illness or injury is an issue

Clients Who Use CLNC® Services:

  • Attorneys (Plaintiff and Defense) 

  • Other Certified Legal Nurse Consultants

  • Insurance Companies (provide opinions to assist in the investigation)

  • Healthcare Facilities

  • Governmental Agencies at all levels

  • Private Corporations (risk management, strategies for quality assurance, evaluation and control of loss)

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