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Consulting Services Provided:

  1. Screen and evaluate cases for merit.

  2. Create customized written reports an attorney/client can use as a guidebook.

  3. Analyze, organize, and summarize medical records and other related materials.

  4. Identify the applicable standards of care.

  5. Identify deviations from and adherences to, the applicable standards of care.

  6. Assess the alleged damages and/or injuries, and identify factors that may have contributed to or caused the alleged damages and/or injuries.

  7. Identify all potential defendants.

  8. Research medical literature and incorporate the literature and standards/guidelines into the case evaluation.

  9. Investigate and consider the reliability and validity of research studies relied on by all parties.

  10. Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures, other vital documents and relevant tangible items. 

  11. Identify record tampering, omissions and contradictions within a medical record.

  12. Augment and strengthen the attorney's medical library.

  13. Provide education on clinical issues and facts to attorney/client.

  14. Participate in interviewing clients, key witnesses and experts.

  15. Identify weaknesses and strengths in a case.

  16. Recommend types of testifying experts needed.

  17. Assist is locating, obtaining and collaborating with appropriate expert witnesses.

  18. Evaluate expert witness reports and other work products.

  19. Serve as a intermediary between the attorney and healthcare providers, parties, witnesses, testifying experts and other consultants.

  20. Assist in preparing requests for production and interrogatories, to ensure that all relevant discovery is received.

  21. Assist in preparing exhibits for deposition or trial.

  22. Assist in preparing deposition and trial (direct or cross) questions.

  23. Evaluate and summarize depositions, including past testimony for those testifying.

  24. Attend arbitration and mediation hearings, depositions, and trials.

  25. Assist in preparing witnesses and experts for deposition and trial.

  26. Attend independent medical examinations (IMEs), to ensure an appropriate and complete evaluation is done.

  27. Assist in facilitating mock trials.

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